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Figure showing collaborative research from Bar-Ilan University, National Technical University of Athens,Tel Aviv University, University of Massachusetts and Graphenea

Collaborative research from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Tel Aviv University, Israel, University of Massachusetts, USA, and Graphenea, Spain as depicted in the image featured in issue 12 of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

From monolayer to thin films: engineered bandgap in CVD grown Bi 2 Se (3−x) Sx topological insulator alloys.

Using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), the scalable growth of topological insulator alloys Bi 2Se (3–x)Sx with composition-tunable bandgap and free from surface-state pinning was achieved. This research paves the way for the controlled growth of topological insulators, suitable for quantum optoelectronics and spintronics applications.

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