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To unveil the true potential of graphene and 2D materials and address the increasing demand for industrial applications, it is essential to develop upscaling growth technologies which preserve the pristine quality at large wafer size and enable the wafer-scale integration of the material with a standardized process.


Therefore, a green and solvent-free technology offering the solution to transfer single layer graphene and 2D materials in a single step, preserving the same quality in wafer scale processing constitutes a major breakthrough, with the potential to disrupt all the market segments associated with the emerging applications. This project, L2D2, builds upon the IP generated within the H2020-FET-open project LEAF-2D, to deliver the first scalable digital process for growing and integrating graphene (Gr) and the most prominent 2D materials (including MoTe2 and WS2) in terms of optoelectronic properties, quality and uniformity, onto Si photonics and CMOS compatible substrates on-demand. In particular, L2D2 will deliver a two-fold technological breakthrough:

1. The technology to upscale Gr and other 2D materials on the 8-inch scale at industrial grade quality

2. A laser-based, single-step and green printing solution for wafer-scale integration of 2D materials. The exploitable outcomes of L2D2 will lay the foundation for a deeptech business model which will secure the foreground of the project and transform it to innovations with high exploitation potential. The business model will be realized through the creation of a spin out with a team of co-founders encompassing highly skilled entrepreneurs with equal expertise in technology, innovation and business. The spin-out will follow a viable and fast commercialization pathway, relying on strategic corporate agreements with the world leading companies in Graphene and Si photonics, as well as on IP exploitation.

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