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NTUA’s participation in 2023’s Graphene Week, held in Gothenburg from 4-8 September.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

L2D2 goes to graphene week 2023!

NTUA's research team participated in this year's Graphene Week which was held in Gothenburg in Sweden, from 4-8 September.

NTUA's PI and L2D2’s Coordinator, Ioanna Zergioti, gave an oral presentation titled "A Digital Transfer Method for Laser Printing of Graphene and Other 2D Materials" summarizing the latest progress in the Laser Transfer of 2D materials and the emerging applications.


NTUA's early stage researcher, Ilias Cheliotis presented a poster titled "Laser-Forward Induced Transfer of Graphene and hBN heterostructures for the fabrication of capacitors", focusing on the application of Laser Transfer of 2D heterostrucures for the development of electronic devices.

NTUA’s experienced researcher, Filimon Zacharatos, presented the latest work on flexible Graphene Field Effect Transistors fabricated by laser processing.

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